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Hi, I'm Michelle


I am an engagement ring, gemstone, and diamond concierge. My goal is to deliver an uncompromising opulent luxury purchasing experience, spectacular signature gifts in trust, and on time.

Jewelry is personal; it tells the story of our hearts, expressing our unique style and fashion tendencies, reminding us of dates, times, and places. It captures our emotions, encouraging us, stimulating romance and mystery.

My passion is helping you express your love and making your jewelry dreams come true. I have helped hundreds of couples over a 30-year tenure achieve their dream engagement ring, find the perfect anniversary gift, making HIM look like the hero that he is through my fine jewelry experience and deep network along with a value-driven approach.

Catering to my clients, you will receive an appraisal for Insurance purposes, luxury gift wrapping, greeting cards for every occasion, and jewelry cleaner. You have the option of joining our wish book and allowing us to keep track of your ring sizes, desired styles, previous purchases, and special occasions.

My network allows clients access to the finest jewelry, without the brick and mortar markup.

True beauty is in the subtle details. I look for sparkle, craftsmanship, stone cut, ethically sourced goods, scintillation, and overall sparkle!

Jewelry tells a story; this is the true essence of the treasure behind each piece! I will help you every step of the way!



I am blessed to have a wonderful husband, two amazing children, and the privilege to love two incredible bonus children as a blessed and blended family. I have an insatiable desire to learn, and I enjoy new adventures. 

core values






 concierge's commitment to you



I confidently deliver stunning jewelry of otherworldly quality to each of my clients. But what truly distinguishes me is my commitment to these three principles: 

(1) client service 

Purchasing a custom ring or other types of jewelry involves a host of considerations – it can be overwhelming. I accompany you throughout the entire process developing a relationship of trust, anticipating questions, clarifying doubts, and guiding your choices based on my years of experience.


(2) value

My uncommon position as a diamond and fine jewelry broker gives me knowledge in every corner of the jewelry industry, combing the market to identify diamonds and jewelry to suit your needs, ensuring the quality and value you deserve. An explanation of the virtues of each individual diamond will settle your mind while you are evaluating the potential purchase. 

(3) getting to know YOU 

I ask a series of questions about you, your partner, your history, lifestyle, preferences and comfortable price point, considering all the facts and your desires. I encourage you to ask me questions as well. Ethics is a must, I am devoted to transparency, integrity, confidentially and social responsibility at each level of our operation. Diamonds and other gemstones are ethically sourced. I have been working with most of the same wholesale companies for almost 30 years. 

the process

I take the role of providing you with diamonds and fine jewelry to peruse after a brief, private consultation, offering custom design and creation with the industries most skilled craftsman, and retail – selling you an exquisite piece of jewelry with a complimentary appraisal for insurance purposes, luxury gift wrapping, jewelry cleaner, greeting cards, and a personal delivery requiring payment upon delivery (some exceptions apply).

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