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"The Wonderland" ring

van andel institute

hope on the hill gala 2019

“The Wonderland” ring by Michelle Crumback – Grand Rapid's Premier Diamond and Fine Jewelry Broker.

Do you "wonder" where this Tahitian Pearl is created? The French Polynesian Islands!

Symbolizing hope, this rare exotic 12MM Tahitian Pearl with its playful shimmers of green, gold, blue, lavender and pink surfaces will enchant your evening. One hundred high quality, stunning diamonds set in 18KT white gold with a spiral design, enhancing this precious Tahitian Pearl.

Worn by royals and nobles alike, throughout centuries, the wonderland ring will be cherished in your family for generations. 

This spectacular ring is inspired to sustain change and help to transform lives in our community and around the world.

Michelle Crumback Jewelry – presents “The Wonderland” Tahitian & Diamond Ring!

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