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I am Michelle Crumback, owner of Michelle Crumback Jewelry. We are a Grand Rapids' based diamond & fine Jewelry broker with a luxury boutique-style concierge business, catering to the insured, the agents, and the underwriters' jewelry replacement needs.


While serving the community's Jewelry needs for 33 years, we have personalized the Insurance replacement & claims part of our business by traveling to the client's local destination to discuss the initial claim inquiry; additionally, we offer a more comfortable meeting place in our office by private appointment. We ensure the client is not exposed to the public unnecessarily.

We specialize in protecting your bottom line and your professional business persona by delivering expedient quality service efficiently, with trust and confidence.

Below, you will find more information on our Replacement Programs.

Our website features a convenient contact form for the claim agent. We strive to increase client satisfaction in every claim, which is an integral part of our mission.


Michelle Crumback

insurance replacement programs

We are experts in assisting the insured, their agents, and the underwriters in processing a claim.

We will compassionately help turn what is often an emotional loss into a positive experience by listening to the ensured and making sure they know we are sympathizing with them, and doing everything we can to create or supply a replacement jewelry piece that will exceed their expectations.

Our professional experience coupled with our caring customer service approach, meeting the insured at a location and time of their choosing, i.e., their home office or our office, we cater to the insured. The insured, the insurance company, and the underwriters will experience a level of excellence as we move forward in an efficient and timely manner.

We provide innovative solutions, accountability for corporations and quality for policy holders. Visit our contact page to:

  • Submit a Claim

  • Submit Policyholder Information

  • Submit Claim Information


Jewelry Replacement Valuations – we research each piece and give a valuation based on current market conditions making this process accurate. Michelle Crumback will provide like kind and quality replacements. Meaning the policyholder will receive the same or better-quality characteristics listed on the appraisal or receipt.


Our Policyholder care is exceptional as we walk them through our process and confirm the details of the lost/destroyed piece of jewelry, allowing us to put the policyholder at ease knowing they are in excellent hands and ensuring we are accurate in quoting the loss.


Custom Jewelry - We have it covered. If the policyholder's item was custom designed or is no longer available, Michelle Crumback offers a custom design process to re-create the piece. We will work closely with the policyholder, ask the pertinent questions, and reassure them that we will reproduce their item as accurately as possible.


Inspection Services - With our GIA Graduate Gemologist, our inspection services are proven to increase the accuracy of identifying each fine jewelry piece's problem. We will determine the cause of loss on a center stone and the accent stones, identifying if a stone fell out because it was a manufacturing defect, normal wear or if there was damage to the stone caused by trauma or a pre-existing flaw within the stone.

Matching Earring – We understand the sentimental value that jewelry has; thus, we have a program that will identify all of the remaining earring characteristics after the policyholder loses the other one. We will match the existing earring, giving the policyholder a part of their sentimental pair of earrings back as a matched set rather than buying a new pair of earrings.

Salvage Program – We research the current diamond, metal, and finished jewelry markets to find comparable items to each salvage item. This process provides an accurate payout for policyholder claims.

We will photograph salvage items and write out detailed information about the underwriter's damage and comparable items to have comparables.

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